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Kokoopa Farmers Association

Our History

Kokoo Pa Farmers Association (formerly known as AHANSUCOFA) was formed in 2009 by cocoa farmers from an initial 10 communities in the Ahafo Ano North and Ahafo Ano South districts in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Its formation was inspired by a training initiative by West Africa Fair Food (WAFF) now known as Solidaridad West Africa with an initial 352 farmers on sustainable cocoa practices based on UTZ certified standard. Facilitated by the then Country Manager in charge of cocoa, Vincent Frimpong Manu and the Project Manager, Fred Amponsah, the farmers decided to form an independent, vibrant and strong farmer organization to ensure that they produce cocoa in a more environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and economically viable manner.

The association is now registered legally as an independent farmer organization with functional constitution and governance structure. Its current membership is around 8600 farmers, 5676 men and 2924 women in 7 districts in the Ashanti, Brong, Ahafo, and Western regions. About eighty five percent of the members are UTZ certified since 2010. Under the cocoa livelihood project, the farmers receive support in the form of improved planting materials (cassava and plantain) and food crop gaps to promote household food security and additional income. Gender empowerment is at the fore of Kookoo Pa’s livelihood activities and women farmers receive training that will empower them in addition to practical training in nutritional needs.

Our Mission

We promote the adoption of sustainable farming practices to achieve socio-economic well-being of our members, their households and communities for a better world.To become the leading, vibrant and independent farmer organisation in West Africa in the production of high quality sustainable cocoa and other agricultural commodities.

Our Vision

To become the leading, vibrant and independent farmer organisation in West Africa in the production of high quality sustainable cocoa and other agricultural commodities.

Our Approach

We strive for our members to be knowledgeable in sustainable agricultural production practices in which they are professional and consider farming as a business and not a last resort. We do this through training and other forms of capacity building to achieve a very strong farmer organization and contribute to a sustainable agriculture. We support our members to adopt better farming practices in their production activities to improve their incomes and social well-being and protect the environment.

Our Objectives

  • Develop farmers' capacity for the production of sustainable production of cocoa and other additional livelihoods
  • Promote farmers' access to sustainable market by llinking them to buyers of high quality cocoa and other farm products.
  • Ensure farmers' access to reliable and fair market where both members and consumers are satisfied.
  • Ensure that members receive premium price for their produce as and when necessary.
  • Promote transparent and good working relationship with Trading Partners and within the association.
  • Ensure that farmers have access to agro-inputs and other relevant services in a manner that it addresses their social and economic welfare.
  • Promote peace and harmony among members and ensure amicable resolution of conflicts that may arise in the association and other additional livelihoods.

Board Members

Vincent F. Manu

Board Chairman

Fred A. Amponsah

Board Member

Elizabeth Adubofuor

Board Member

Irene Osei-Bonsu

Board Member

Peter Aidoo

Board Member

Martin Osei-Owusu

Board Member

Hanna Asantewaa

Board Member

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